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Spring Lambs

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

Cocoa had her first lamb on 2nd May, a small black ewe lamb. We asked our Cocoa adopters for some name suggestions and we fell in love with Cerin - meaning little dark one in Gaelic.

Cocoa is a great mum and her lamb looks just like she did when she was that small!

Cocoa and Sprinkles are being kept in the fields at Westness over the summer and brought the fresh seaweed each day. After having Cerin, the first seaweed that Cocoa tucked into was dulse - a red seaweed containing significant amounts of calcium, just what she needs to make milk for her lamb!

On 10th May Sprinkles had her lamb, who went named Peanut after his gorgeous nutty brown colouring. He was born in the pouring rain and we wheeled them both up to the Chapel (a breeze-block barn at Westness) to get dry and warm.

You can now adopt Peanut & Cerin here

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1 Comment

Look at those babies! You are becoming the 2-legged mom to all kinds of creatures. The 7 piglets came as a complete surprise, eh? At least sheep never have more than 2 at once.

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