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Forever Flock Update

We sadly lost Sprinkles in a freak accident in July. Her presence is sorely missed by us, the flock and especially her lamb Peanut. It’s still so painful to think about.

Cocoa stepped in and took Peanut under her wing. He had a good summer frolicking at Westness croft. Both he and Cerin go from strength to strength.

All of our sheep are now at our croft Milldam, along with 2 new additions, Gimli and Big Vern. These 2 handsome North Ronaldsay rams came to us from Shetland! When we were contacted by Spiggie Croft who wanted to rehome them I jumped at the chance to expand our flock. They have settled in really quickly and are very friendly chaps. A good mix of genes from breeding rams will ensure that we can have a healthy flock.

Though we are desperate from more ewes, as we now only have 2 (Cocoa & Cerin). Alas no sheep owners on the island would sell us any. It’s very disappointing that anyone would rather kill lambs than sell them. That’s sheep politics for you!

My favourite thing this year has been having sheep adopters come to visit their sheep! It’s wonderful to meet people who love the sheep as much as we do!

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I adopt rescued baby elephants at the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya. Believe me, visiting those little guys will be even harder than visiting your flock. It's great that people come to see them. So are you going to winter in the main house and bring all the animals in to provide heat? 😄

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