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Dyke a pose

* warning that dyke and sheep puns will be a regular feature on this blog*

This week Emma Jane Kirby, reporter for BBC Radio 4, came to North Ronaldsay to interview some of the islanders (including myself) about the unique North Ronaldsay sheep and their seaweed diet. To go with the interview there will be an article, which required a bit of a photoshoot with Orcadian photographer Fionn McArthur. I had to fight the instinct to strike my usual pose infront of a camera (grinning like a maniac) and took along my shiny new spade as a "prop".

Emma Jane attempting to interview the sheep

I successfully rebuilt some dyke (only 10,000 more metres to go!) under the careful instruction of Alison. The stone used for building the dyke depends on what's on the shore, which varies quite a lot around the island and has a great impact on how difficult it is to build the dyke.

Earlier in the week we ventured into Kirkwall again to go PPE shopping. Finishing early we had some time before our flight back. It was a fantastically sunny and calm day, so we took the opportunity to visit Skara Brae, the best-preserved group of prehistoric houses in all of Western Europe. A whopping 5000 years old. Something that old can be hard to comprehend, but Historic Scotland have done a wonderful timeline which you walk along from the visitor centre to the site. Past the great wall of china, past the parthenon, past the pyramids, past stonehenge.... The most amazing remains of 8 dwellings, first built and inhabited 5000 years ago. Remains of fireplaces, dressing tables and beds bring to life these prehistoric houses. In the sunshine it was truly magical. If you get a chance - go!

My latest eco-conscious purchase was from Who Gives A Crap who make toilet roll, tissues and kitchen roll from recycled paper and bamboo. Their packaging is plastic-free and they donate 50% of their profits to help build toilets for those in need. I like to bulk buy these things, which did make the cycle back from the pier (after being delivered on the ferry) quite entertaining!

Visit whogivesacrap and enter code NICEBUMJ2HW43 for £5 off! You can subscribe so you'll never run out of toilet paper again (unless the ferry is cancelled of course!)

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