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Tracking Sheep

In November, after a few weeks of hunting around in the dark (usually in the wind and rain), we attached a GPS tracker to one of our lambs. The lambs had been spending most days on the shore and were being brought in at night, but it was time consuming and a bit stressful when we couldn’t find them easily (ie me jumping to the worst case scenario - they’d drowned and I’d never see them again).

The idea of the tracker was to cut down on the time commitment to getting them in each night and to keep an eye on their whereabouts. It’s also been a lot of fun watching her move around the shore from my phone!

After trialing the trackers for a few weeks, it was time to get a tracker for each lamb. Not only allowing us to see where each lamb was incase the split up, but also providing data, which will one day be used to examine their movement patterns in relation to their environment.

It’s been an invaluable tool for keeping them lambs safe. Bottle fed lambs have lower survival rates because they don’t have the survival knowledge which is usually passed down from their mother.

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