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Power Cuts

We have had a number of powercuts in this first couple of weeks of 2022

The realisation that we are not at all prepared for them has hit me like a train.

We don't have a wood-burning stove in the hut - something we decided against because it was so warm in here with the oil-filled radiator. It gets very very cold with no heating.

We are able to cook and heat water on an old gas stove that belonged to my grandparents. But I wasn’t able to reheat the lovely fish pie I had made the night before.

And our water comes from a well, which is pumped with electric...

We have also got a tilley lamp working, which provides excellent light, but does make the hut smell or fuel and gives me a slight headache.

I know things could be a lot worse - days and days without electric. But our living conditions are already quite difficult, and I think the electric was really taking the edge off!

After the first powercut I was tempted to get a propane heater, but I felt like it was one of thoe things that if I ordered it, I’d never need it again.

I was wrong, and by the third power cut I had ordered a propane heater, and an invertor to run the wifi and laptops on from a leisure battery.

Since they arrived, we haven’t had another power cut.

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1 Kommentar

Knitting Bandit
Knitting Bandit
01. Feb. 2022

All the same, it's good you are prepared, just in case. You live in a very beautiful land, l admire you both..

Gefällt mir
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