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Goats arrive at the croft

I had driven down to Sussex with our trailer for a particular reason collect some goats and bring them back up to the croft.

I have been looking at adding Golden Guernsey goats to our menagerie for some time, and I finally came across the perfect starter herd. Coincidentally, they lived just a half hour drive from my Mum’s house in Sussex, the perfect excuse to take the trailer with me on my next trip to catch up with family and friends.

The goats were being sold by Rebecca Schiller, whose book, Earthed, I had read last Spring and had made me realise that I had ADHD. It was a weird and wonderful situation to now be meeting her and collecting the goats.

The Golden Guernsey breed was nearly wiped out in the Second World War when most livestock on the island of Guernsey was slaughtered during the German occupation. Miss Miriam Milbourne was able to hide a small group of goats allowing the breed to survive.


Saxon - 2 year old Billy goat, with gorgeous long locks, and a cheeky smile!

Amber - 4 year old nanny goat, she is definitely the boss!

Swift - their 1 year old son

I’m in love with them already, they are very sweet natured, docile and friendly, just like big hairy dogs!

We’re hoping Amber is in kid, as she was running with Saxon in the autumn, but nothing is confirmed so we’re keeping our fingers crossed. When she kids we have plans to milk her so we can make goats cheese, and maybe some goats milk ice cream for Mungo (our dog) who is lactose intolerant (and obviously deserves homemade ice cream)!

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1 Comment

Knitting Bandit
Knitting Bandit
Mar 25, 2022

Do you think the wee Nanny needs a wee coat to protect her from the cold? They are adorable. Just in case she isn't in kid be careful with the wee Billy. I used to have British Saanan and we sold their milk and made cottage cheese with chives. We only have one wee Nanny kid now and because l dont like the hassle of trying to shift wee Billy's l dont want to put her in kid. But l really do miss fresh milk full of foraged herbs and the cheese. I pray fruitfulness and prosperity upon your new family. They are such characters and great fun

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