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Forever Flock

Our bottle-fed lambs are the start of the first North Ronaldsay Forever Flock, which means the sheep from this flock are “forever” - ie not to be eaten. The flock will be used for conservation grazing alongside their unique seaweed diet, to produce vegetarian sheep products.

The first of which is the adopt-a-seaweed-eating-sheep packages. The packages will allow adopters to keep up to date with their lamb throughout the year. A tracking option provides adopters with a link to their sheep’s GPS tracking map. It’s fascinating being able to see what they’re up to, where they prefer to feed and where they get shelter.

I really hope that some adopters will come and visit the island and meet their adopted sheep. They’re such a joy to be with. They love nothing more than a handful of raisins and a cuddle!

We hope to expand the forever flock with more bottle-fed lambs in 2021. Income from the adoptions scheme will help cover the cost of the trackers, bottle feeding supplies, a new outdoor shelter and ongoing care of the flock. As well as supporting the Rare Breeds Survival Trust, who work to conserve the UK’s native breeds, including North Ronaldsay’s unique sheep.

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