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No, not the kind with a sword, but with wooden posts and wire. This month and next month we are busy fencing 1.4km of our land at Milldam Croft. We are fortunate to be involved with a project with the RSPB and NILPS (North Isles landscape Partnership) where we are creating better habitat for wetland birds.

This has involved a mini digger digging shallow scrapes where the land already floods - this will provide better feeding areas for the birds. We also need to graze the areas around these scrapes to ensure good nesting habitat for the birds.

In return we have been given funding for fencing - to keep our livestock where they should be! But we need to finish the work before the end of March, so that we aren't disturbing the birds when they return in the Spring, so it is all go from now until then.

Olly has done most of the work so far, digging 3ft deep holes for the strainer posts to go in - these are the big thick posts that the wire is then tensioned against. The video below is of Olly pumping out the water from the strainer hole before we put in the post.

We then put the smaller posts (called stabs) in between the strainer posts - Olly bangs the them in while I hold them straight. The last bit is attaching and tensioning the wire.

We’re trying to get as much done as possible before Olly goes away for 2 weeks at the end of February, for a Breathing Apparatus Course with the Fire Service, in Aberdeen.

A well deserved break - sunset on Nouster beach

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