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Dyke Building 2021

This year we were back to some normality and had many keen volunteers at the Sheep Dyke.

A total of 150 volunteer days were achieved with the help of:

Benjie Fleming

Pete Worth

Antoni Bald

Pete Callaghan

Pat Curzon

Alan Fleming

Almut Fleming

Peter Burgess Allen

Tom Boyd

Becks Boyd

Kai Boyd

Freya Boyd

Helen Gibb

Sophie Gibb

Group from Holland House

A massive thank you to all the volunteers, and to the island residents that took up dyke training with me this year!

When Pete and Antoni left after their month volunteering in June, the third volunteer at that time, Benjie, decided to stay.

He is still living on the island and Now back to his (virtual) university studies. Benjie has been a massive help on the dyke and our croft these past few months, and when his parents came to visit they helped on the dyke too!

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