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Free range, regeneratively farmed, rare breed pork

Large Black Pork

The Large Black is Britain's only all black pig. They are very hardy, which makes them well suited to outdoor rearing. The Large Black is a rare breed, there are only a few hundred registered sows left in the UK. They live longer than other pigs, enjoying exercise and thriving in the stress free environment provided by our croft. Large Blacks are slow growing and known for producing really flavoursome meat at all life stages. 

Our pigs are entirely free-range and meet their ends at our closest abattoir in Shetland, transported by ourselves to make sure the journey is as stress free as possible, where they are treated with care and respect.  They have wonderful lives snuffling and rooting to their hearts’ content. As crofters we spend time with all of our animals each day, giving them the love and attention they deserve. 

Pork Boxes

Next delivery: late October 2022



How much freezer space do I need? 

A quarter pig will fill roughly 1 draw in a standard fridge freezer.

Collection and Delivery

Boxes will be available to collect in Kirkwall on October 24th. Delivery may be available, please email us.

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