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Pastures new

Over the summer I took on a couple of new pursuits.

British Fibre Art Magazine - which has been published since 2016. The magazine was looking for a new publisher and editor and I took it. I will be publishing my first issue this December!

Seaweed Shepherdess Yarns - I have been selling the wool from the shore sheep, in all it’s beautiful natural colours. I have also been experimenting with natural dyes, and plan to grow my own dye plant garden, as well as extracting dye from seaweed, other locally foraged plants and food waste. I feel a bit like a mad scientist with my laboratory set-up in the workshop!

With my own businesses taking off, and lots to keep me busy on the croft I have left the post of Sheep Dyke Warden. It’s been an invaluable opportunity, without which, none of this would have happened! I feel incredibly lucky to be in this position, and absolutely love being my own boss (and being able to give myself lots of breaks to spend with the animals!)

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Knitting Bandit
Knitting Bandit
2021년 12월 04일

Your yarn is beautiful. I'm trying to develop my own wee dye garden to dye our tiny flocks fleece. I wish you a great, fun future on this new part of your

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