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Lockdown lambs

Meet Norbert and Fang, our two North Ronaldsay lambs, named after Hagrid's pet dragon and dog in the Harry Potter books.

4 hourly feeds have been keeping us busy! They have also been keeping us very well entertained, they are so cute and full of the joys of Spring (minus the poo everywhere!!). Norbert is much bigger than Fang but they have both been feeding very well. Early on I became much more attached to Norbert, and Olly to Fang. They are both very mischievous, Norbert the more boisterous and Fang the sneakier of the pair. Olly has very graciously been getting up to feed them in the night and early in the morning. Although he did convince me to try "lamb" yoga which resulted in a very smelly yoga room.....

We rustled up a small pen for them outside using some pallets. Although Fang is so small she managed to escape through one of the gaps - but she didn't go far, we found her standing on the outside side of the pallet, bleating at Norbert. They have a lovely bond and hate to be apart, calling to each other if they're out of sight, and sleeping snuggled up together. Within a few days we felt brave enough to give them the run of the whole garden and they love following us around while we're gardening, nibbling on everything they find.

Norbert enjoying a bedtime story

Unfortunately Hagrid (our cat) dislikes them very much. The lambs seem to want to play with Hagrid, but he runs away and much to his annoyance it encourages them to chase after him!

We brought them back a little bit of seaweed from the beach and they both were very interested in it straight away. Norbert especially was having a good munch on it. Soon enough Olly deemed them big enough to sleep outside (they had been spending nights in the kitchen), so we made them a shelter out of pallets. It was pretty hard leaving them out in the dark, but they were perfectly happy. On sunny days we leave the kitchen door open and they wander around inside. They especially like running up and down the stairs, sounding like a herd of elephants and jumping off of Hagrid's cat tree!

Our neighbours at The Manse also have lambs, and we've been dropping Norbert and Fang off for "play dates" in the garden. Yesterday they returned exhausted and slept all afternoon!

They bring us so much happiness, which couldn't have come at a better time since we are both island-bound due to coronavirus restrictions. They are perfect lockdown companions! Except when they nibble on my broad bean plants....

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