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Livestock for sale

We breed a number of rare breed, pedigree animals, and are passionate about conserving them.

The breeds that we keep need to be conserved for genetic diversity, which can make a valuable contribution to the livestock industry and to our quality of life. 

Nearly all have qualities that make them ideally suited to less intensive forms of agriculture, ideal for the smallholder or crofter. 


Golden Guernsey goats are very affectionate and adaptable as long as they have a place to shelter all year around. They are extremely friendly and docile in nature, making them deal for the smallholder.

The Golden Guernsey is classified as a Minority Breed on the Rare Breeds Watchlist.

We keep a small milking herd of 5 pedigree does. GG's produce around 2 litres a day and can be milked for up to two years, without needing to be "in-kid".

We breed our does every year with our pedigree billy goat and have a number of kids available. Please get in touch to be put on the waitlist.

Livestock for breeding

If you are looking to breed your livestock, we have pedigree sires available to hire:


  • Large Black boar

  • Golden Guernsey billy

  • Shetland bull

If you are interested, please contact us

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